Links to Reviewers and Promoters

Here’s a little information to help you find other reviewers and promotors. When accessing these links, remember to ask politely, and have the following information ready to cut and paste into online forms or emails:

  • Book title
  • Book author
  • Email
  • Short summary of the book
  • ASIN (found on your Amazon book page)
  • Word count
  • Link to Amazon page
  • Book genre (Horror, Romance, Thriller)
  • Author bio
  • Cover

Here are the links to two comprehensive blogger directories. Keep a spreadsheet indicating to whom you sent a review request, along with the date sent. Wait for a reply before sending your book, in whatever file format they request.

You can also try several of Amazon’s Top reviewers. Who knows, you might get lucky! Here’s the list. Look for each one’s email:

Here are several links to Facebook groups where you can join, and then post, your book. Include a BRIEF summary of your book and a link to the book’s Amazon page.

KDP Select Authors – Kindle Unlimited Readers
Kindle Book Publishing and Review Exchange
Amazon Kindle Book Reviews
The Fab Friday 99 Cents Promotion Group for Authors
Book Reviews & Promotion & Suggestions
Kindle REVIEW Exchange Group
Amazon Book Reviews
The Book Authors Club
Free Kindle Books and Great Deals

And, finally, here are a few Twitter sites that promise exposure to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers for a small fee:

Good luck!


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