How Best Sellers Do It


Ever wonder how the Best Selling authors on Amazon and USA Today get those wonderful, glowing reviews?

They have professional marketing copywriters do up a glittering review, and then use those passages in the Editorial Reviews section of their Amazon page. Or, they put them on the back cover of their book, or use them in press releases that really drive readership.

Now, you, too, can take advantage of that kind of prestigious, third-party expertise — and get a professional, positive review of your work in as little as ten days — for much less than you ever thought possible.

If you’d like to know more about this opportunity, read on. If, however, you’d just like a free review, return to Request a Review and submit the form.

We recently launched Publishers Daily Reviews, a new Promotional Book Review service dedicated to finding the “money quote” every author needs to effectively promote his or her work — at a very affordable cost.

“Think of us as a kind of in-house marketing department for Indie authors,” said Don Sloan, President of Publishers Daily Reviews, and himself the author of two books and more than 75 professional, insightful book reviews. “We are just like those organizations found inside Doubleday or Simon and Schuster, in which professional marketing copywriters provide the positive book summaries found on book flyleaves and back covers of traditionally published works.

“Our aim is to give each author a carefully crafted 250- to 300-word marketing and editorial platform — a complete review that can be used effectively on Amazon and elsewhere to help them sell their books — and add instant third-party credibility to their work.

“It’s a unique marketing strategy, available for the first time at a very reasonable cost to independent, self-published authors, and to those traditionally published writers who feel their publishers aren’t giving them the kind of marketing support they need to effectively promote their work in the highly competitive digital booksellers marketplace.”

For more information, visit the Publishers Daily Reviews website.