How Best Sellers Do It

Ever wonder how the Best Selling authors on Amazon and USA Today get those wonderful, glowing reviews?

They have professional marketing copywriters do up a glittering review, and then use those passages in the Editorial Reviews section of their Amazon page. Or, they put them on the back cover of their book, or use them in press releases that really drive readership.

Now, you, too, can take advantage of that kind of expertise — and get a promotional summary and professional, positive review of your work in as little as ten days — for much less than you ever thought possible.

This month we launch Publishers Daily Reviews, a new Promotional Book Review service dedicated to finding the “money quote” every author needs to effectively promote his or her work — at a very affordable cost.

“Think of us as a kind of in-house marketing department for Indie authors,” said Don Sloan, President of Publishers Daily Reviews, and himself the author of two books and more than 75 professional book reviews. “We are just like those organizations found at Simon and Schuster or Doubleday, in which professional writers produce the positive book summaries found on book flyleaves and back covers of traditionally published works.

“Our aim is to give each author a carefully crafted 250- to 300-word marketing and editorial platform — a complete review that can be used effectively on Amazon and elsewhere to help them sell their books — and add instant, prestigious credibility to their work. Plus, they’ll receive a compelling, brief summary of their book, suitable for query letters to agents and potential reviewers.

“It’s a unique marketing strategy, available for the first time at a very reasonable cost to Independent, self-published authors, and to those traditionally published writers who feel their publishers aren’t giving them the kind of editorial support they need to effectively promote their work in the highly competitive digital booksellers marketplace.

“Every writer who is serious about promoting their books should have a professional, promotional summary from Publishers Daily Reviews,” Sloan said. “It should be among the first marketing strategies employed by successful authors.”

In addition,these summaries can be available to authors generally within 10 days of a book’s receipt by writers at Publishers Daily Reviews, Sloan added. “This can be especially critical to authors launching their books for the first time. It’s important to provide some pre-publication “buzz” that can be posted on the book’s Amazon web page, or fashioned into a press release.”

For more information, visit the website at


New Book Sales and A Jump in Rankings

A recent free promotion of my book The Sisters has resulted in a flurry of new book sales and a jump in Amazon rankings into the Top 100 best sellers! This was achieved by posting the book on the 25 websites (free postings) over a two-day period, resulting in 749 downloads and then dramatically increased sales after going off “Free” status. You can do the same by clicking here and posting to the same sites I did on your next KDP Free days. Good luck!

Five-Star Review About The Sisters

Don Sloan is a master! This wonderful and suspenseful book, filled with historical information that builds the tale, is a must read. Mr. Sloan ‘s ability to weave the suspense from the past to the present (and the future!) and help the reader draw magnificant pictures of exactly what is happening…well, it’s a fine work that deserves to be read. Having been raised in a beach community, such as Cape May, certainly helped me to “feel” what it was like with the old homes and mystery surrounding them. I look forward to the next edition in the series!!!

The Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Positive!

It’s gratifying to know that ten people have now reviewed my book The Sisters and I have  a solid four-star rating!  This next month I will be continuing to market it in many ways.  My thanks to the many who have bought the book so far and found it entertaining.  If you haven’t done so yet, go to Amazon books and search “horror sloan”.  There you will find both The Sisters and it’s sequel, The Horror Hunters.  Enjoy!

The Horror Hunters – A New Release

I published a new book this week. It’s called The Horror Hunters: A Novella of Mystery and Adventure. It’s the second book in the Dark Forces series.  Here’s the synopsis:

Four friends battle vicious monsters that are ravaging the country. Their search leads them out West, then to the Southeast, and finally to the nation’s capitol, where they must work quickly to avert a disaster with international implications. Fast-paced and exciting, this book examines what can happen when supernatural forces collide with a quartet of determined young people.

Go to the book’s Amazon page by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy it.  Hint: it’s a sequel to my first book, The Sisters, so I’d suggest you read that first. It can be found by clicking here.  Thanks!

It’s Been a Busy Week

After viewing multiple blogs, I have decided to submit The Sisters for review at four popular sites, including I’ve also broadened my contacts by joining Turns out there are plenty of outlets to publicize my book, and I’m trying to make the most of them. If you have suggestions, please leave me a note via the Reply button  above. Thanks!