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I am once again open to do a limited number of reviews each month.

I will accept submissions in all genres of fiction, except erotica and LGBT fiction (no offense, but I’m getting on in years and my heart can’t stand too much excitement :-).)

I will also accept review submissions in all genres of nonfiction, except cookbooks.

*** Please understand if I can’t respond to all queries. The sheer volume of submissions precludes it. ***

Professional, Objective Reviews

All my reviews are professional, objective and — where possible — positive.   They tend to run between 350- and 500 words, and I can usually find good things to say about almost any well-crafted piece of writing.

Check out my reviewing style here.

I only post 4- and 5-star reviews. Others I return to the author with a bit of gentle encouragement and constructive critique.

I love to discover new Indie talent. I post your review to Amazon, Goodreads, to this site, and to my other site, as well as to The Indie View (where some of you undoubtedly got this link.)

Again, I will only be doing a limited number of reviews each month, so fill out the form below and I’ll get busy choosing the most compelling submissions.

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