Dial QR For Murder By A.E.H Veenman


A young hospital male nurse, on trial for stealing medications, is found shot, execution-style. The suspects quickly begin lining up in this exemplary murder mystery by author A.E.H. Veenman.

The key question for attorney Isis Ferrelli is: what is the “Triple-E,” the Ever Elusive Element that will lead to the motive and, ultimately, to the audacious shooter in this high-profile case.

Ferrelli makes use of her true-crime blog to garner leads and advice on how to pursue the trail to the smoking gun, which, she fears, will lead back to involvement by her organized crime family.

In addition to intensive investigation by Ferrelli, there’s a smokin’ hot romantic undertone as Ferrelli finds herself amorously attracted to assistant D.A. Jason Shahaman. Witness this description of the hunky attorney by an overheated Ferrelli:

“The entrance door to the morgue opened and the Shaman swept in, suit jacket across his arm and sleeves rolled up. He was tall and fit, had a faded haircut on the sides, and a beige complexion smooth as silk.”

But the romance is incidental to the lightning-fast action that marks the case’s progress. She begins to peel back the layers surrounding her dead client’s family and is surprised at what she finds. At the same time, a mystery man logs onto MyThugShot.Com and suspiciously seems to know more than he should.

A lot more.

Where will this well-structured whodunit wind up? Can Ferrelli sidestep the increasing danger of being actively involved in such a high-profile murder case? And, ultimately, can her blog provide the digital edge needed to crack the complex case?

Download this diabolical mystery today to determine for yourself all the nuances of this expertly crafted, superbly written crime novel. I award it five stars, and fervently hope we’ll see a lot more of Isis Ferrelli starring in a string of spellbinding stories.

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