Hell is Empty and All the Devils Are Here By Mark Rounds


Who let the zombies out?

In this chilling and all-too-realistic novel about end-times fueled by virulent body fluids, first-time author Mark Rounds does a yeoman job of delivering a first-rate apocalyptic novel, long on graphic violence and cast with carefully crafted characters.

Major players Chad Strickland, Dave Tippet and a close-knit band of family and friends fend off wave after wave of whacked-out bikers and other bad guys as they struggle to survive against all odds.

Supplies run low and the action heats up as the AH10N3 virus runs rampant. It’s classic, blood-and-guts zombie fare, sure to satiate even the most jaded genre reader. And, at over 500 pages, there’s plenty to enjoy.

The taut action also features plenty of authentic military and police lingo, and tons of snappy dialogue. And the author clearly is at home with high-power weapons and military ordnance — all put to very good use in battling the bizarre bands of plague victims.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

“There was the crack of a high powered rifle, and the biker’s head exploded from the impact of a .338 Lapua round fired from Remington model 700 XCR. Dave quickly worked the action of the big rifle and scanned for his next target. Meanwhile, Chad, on the roof of his house, opened fire with his AR-15. The leader of the biker gang was staring at the wreck of a human, who moments before had been a member of his gang.”

But wait. Who is the sinister spook dispatched from Washington, D.C.’s highest levels to “eliminate” Strickland and any others who may know too much? Bad enough to have to grapple with ghouls at every turn. Does the federal government — ostensibly in place to preserve peace — have to be watched as well?

Five stars to this ambitious piece of apocalyptic fiction. The author clearly poured his heart and soul into this project, and it shows. Now, Mr. Rounds — how about a first-rate spy thriller? Good job!

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