Love Unfeigned By Nadine Keels


Lorraine and Isaiah might have been at loose ends a bit in elementary and junior high, but there was never a doubt in Lorraine’s mind: she had met the love of her life.

This is a Hallmark movie waiting to happen. Author Nadine C. Keels does a wonderful job of conveying oh-so-accurately the ache that comes along with young love. And, she does an even better job of portraying unrequited love.

For such is the case for Lorraine when Isaiah begins sending mixed signals in junior high and high school, leaving Lorraine puzzled and dejected. Finally, she resigns herself to the fate she’s been dealt, and moves on with her life.

Fast-forward a decade or so. One day Lorraine steps inadvertently in front of a fast-moving car, and a strong hand pulls her back.

“. . . she was stilled with her back up against a department store window, one of her shopping bags on the ground and both her arms tightly gripped as she looked into the close, alarmed gape of sepia eyes facing her. Sepia eyes that she knew.”

This story moves unexpectedly — and delightfully — through a number of twists and turns as the author involves the reader deeply in the characters she has crafted so well. It’s a story of love kept waiting almost too long, and every girl who’s had a schoolyard crush can easily relate to Lorraine’s travails.

I won’t reveal how it all turns out, but suffice to say you won’t be disappointed. Five stars to this well-written paen to young love, grown into complete, lifelong love. Download a copy of this short novella and enjoy this movie that’s just waiting to be made.

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