I Am Destined For Greatness By Lorraincia Lucretia De Juy


Life for Lorraincia Lucretia De Juy may not be rosy every day. But this single mother of three chooses to MAKE it a rosy day — every day. In her inspiring, sometimes painfully honest, autobiography, she tells the uplifting story about why she consciously makes that choice each day — and tells readers how they can do the same thing.

Sexually abused as a very young child and harassed by schoolmates for everything from her “big nose” to the day she soiled herself in class — because of an inconsiderate teacher — one would expect this sunny young mother to be an embittered, depressed individual.

But, because of an indomitable spirit and loads of hard-won self-esteem, Lorraincia is able to quote a wide range of world-class opinion leaders — including God and Mother Teresa — in making her case for pulling one’s self up by the bootstraps and not just getting on with life, but enjoying it to its fullest.

“I have gone from suicidal, to striving for greatness,” she says, “because I now know that it is my birthright.”

This intelligent and articulate young woman tells story after story that many will relate to, including her first love, Shaun. When it ended, Lorraincia could have gone into the deep ditch of despair. But, as she would do on other trying occasions in her life, she just chose to quietly let go.

“True love is when you are willing to stand back, and take second place, if that choice will mean that the one you love will be happier.”

This short book is filled with inspirational nuggets, which, if read all by themselves, would make this a worthwhile and wonderful self-help guide unlike any other I’ve read recently. But there is so much more.

She advocates, among other things, making a written list of all the things you do / are that are admirable. She even shares her list, which looks like a pyramid of plaudits tacked on postcards to a wall.

“I am a dreamer;” “I am kind;” “I communicate well;” “I love helping others;” “I have faith.”

In another book, I would call this shameless self-congratulation. But coming from this gentle, well-spoken Namibia native, they are simply the sort of self-affirmations which anyone feeling down about themselves or their circumstances would do well to emulate.

I award an unqualified five stars to this resonant piece of inspirational literature. It will make a worthy gift — either to friends who are down on their luck — or to yourself, for times when you think you might be the only one with troubles.

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