Half Irish By Pete Morin and Suzanne O’Leary


Murder, money and crooked lawyers all figure prominently in this excellent new mystery by co-authors Pete Morin and Suzanne O’Leary. It’s one of the most well-written whodunits I’ve seen in quite a while.

What do Dermot, Kieran and Sean have in common? Besides being Irish, and relatively new to America, they all died in mysterious circumstances at construction sites. And, their widows back in Ireland all got far less than their insurance policies paid out. Who’s to blame, and who is profiting? The reader finds that out — partially, at least — early on.

But proving it. Ah, there’s the true brilliance of the story.

This finely crafted tale plays out deliciously as Boston attorney Paul Forte teams up with Dublin journalist Finola McGee to unravel a twisted skein of deceit, lies and fraud leading to the much darker matter of willful murder.

There are eligible suspects galore in the scheme that lures unemployed Irish laborers to the United States in search of lucrative jobs. But when one, then two, then three lads are killed at construction sites scattered around the U.S. — well, it’s just a bit too coincidental to suit Forte and McGee.

Written by an attorney and an Irish national, respectively, this novel is packed with satisfying detail about American legal intricacies and a wealth of local color about Irish politics and chicanery. You’ll soon be rooting for these painstaking investigators and their small but efficient cadre of assistants.

And I love the outstanding dialogue and the enticing turns-of-phrase scattered throughout the book:

“Rex’s bushy eyebrows jumped around his forehead.”


“He was soft as a grape by then.”

Through Georgia’s finest golf course fairways, Chicago’s Merchandize Mart and a wild, Jerry Springer-type show in Dublin, the story winds toward its climax. But not before we are served another tasty literary bon mot:

“Looks like Superman and Mother Teresa rolled into one.”

Five stars to this entertaining read. And, to mystery lovers everywhere, a new tag team of stellar investigators has emerged.

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