Where Death is a Hunter By Christopher Stookey


When Debora Thein’s heart stops beating at 8:37 a.m.on a foggy January morning in San Francisco, Dr.Hannah Fatier is dumbstruck. There’s no warning, and — beyond the fact that she’s dead — she’s the wife of a hospital board member. And now they’re saying it’s Dr. Fatier’s fault.

This excellent medical thriller follows Hannah’s tortuous path to perdition as she is summarily fired over the incident, then works to make sense of the tragedy. Turns out, the woman’s death wasn’t a medical error at all. It was cold, pre-meditated murder.

And Hannah and everyone who is helping her solve the mystery is at risk.

Written by a physician, this fast-paced thriller is rich in medical terminology — yet simplified so that a layman can easily follow the protocols and procedures attendant to the tragedy. Indeed, you will feel as though you are on staff at the medical facility by the time the book is done.

Hannah enlists the help of a surf-loving, yet buttoned-down attorney, an ex-con computer hacker, and her best friend — a former fiance — in helping her fight the false charges. You’ll be rooting for her every step of the way — right up to the surprising climax.

Five stars for Where Death is a Hunter. Author Christopher Stookey combines a wealth of medical knowledge with a practiced authorial hand to deliver a story that could easily be made into a movie. Well done!

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