The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore By Cooper Dozier


The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up On Some Foreign Shore is a brilliant piece of poetry, a thoughtful collection of verse in which anyone can find hope, inspiration and love.

Poet Cooper Dozier has written 36 soul-stirring poems that at once illuminate the mind and either stir or quiet the heart — depending on the verse.

I chose to listen to the poems through my Kindle text-to-speech app before reading them, and the result, with eyes closed, was remarkably soothing in some cases, intellectually stimulating in others.

The verses run from admonitions for appreciation (“Remember These Things”), to the awful decimation of war (“The Ins and Outs of Life”), to intense loneliness (“A Terrible Hint of Oneness”), and, finally, to hope just beyond our grasp (“A Symbol of Longing”).

These are eloquent, lyrical staves, with vivid mental images and raw emotions bared. Here is a sampling from one of the longer pieces:

“The songs we sung were of victory / A trembling hand arose / Coming into it we still had love / A pacing time was had / Our love knew no bounds / The time for waiting was over / One fish was made into a thousand / The clouds drifted overhead / Your fearless leader was there to stay / Our love remained ever strong”

Here’s another:

“Summer dreams all fly in a glitter of dust / Under drama the pile grows stale / Series of ages to walk through / Some happy, some sad / Some drama piles on the sadness / Aglitter the lashes flutter / Some dreams grow by stages / Aglitter the trauma fades in”

And one more :

“Snatches of conversation pass through the air / Collusions of words entwining”

This poetry leaves the reader refreshed one moment with boundless hope, and deep sadness the next — as any good collection of verse should. The book is a superb entrance into publishing for the author, and I give it five unqualified stars. Good work, Cooper.

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