Prophecy By Benjamin A. Sorensen


Trust. It’s not a word that’s used idly in this excellent new fantasy novel by Benjamin A. Sorenson. Trust is the currency of the realm in the rival kingdoms of Kaylar and Mandyth. But Jard and his beautiful sister Arana are on the run from a swarm of bloodthirsty Kaylarian Knights, and it’s hard to know who is worthy of trust.

The Dragoncrystal has been stolen by someone who looks exactly like Arana. But the Knights’ modus operandi is to slash first and ask questions later — if at all. To complicate matters further, Arana discovers that she can read minds at will, and always has a devastating green spark ready in the palms of her hands. It turns out to be useful when a Knight gets too close and she slams him through a wall.

Not bad for a diminutive, four-foot-tall blonde who, until recently, was just a simple farm girl.

They escape to the city of Marsa, on the border between the two kingdoms and ally themselves with a storyteller named Telas. But their combined efforts are not enough to throw off their pursuers and they flee with a nomad named Ahl-Jer to the principal city of Mandynth.

Meanwhile, Stalarn — the Knight who was thrown into a wall — and the wizard Lord Dalen are still hunting for Arana, but they are far behind. Stalarn is forced to go his own way, crossing the sea to avoid pursuit by his own order of Knights. He failed in his initial mission to kill Arana and, as a result, his own life is forfeit.

In Mandynth, Arana has been taken prisoner. Jard goes to find her, but at the moment of her imminent rescue, he receives a shock: she doesn’t want to be rescued. The mystery deepens when they escape into a snowy forest and encounter a being who is ages old. He reveals a startling fact: the world is now in mortal danger because of the theft of the Dragoncrystal, and only Arana can help.

This extraordinary story develops quickly and then escalates into a full-fledged saga that keeps readers guessing through endless twists. The characters are skillfully developed, with just enough flaws to make them utterly believable.

The result is a heroic quest by a new, exciting female protagonist. Arana is on a critical mission to avert a new War of the Dragons — a war that could have grave consequences for all mankind — and all the magical creatures we meet in the course of the narrative.

But what if, instead of averting the war, she starts it?

Buckle your seatbelt and cancel your appointments. You quite literally won’t want to put this book down, even to sleep. Five-plus stars to Prophecy, and a thunderous welcome to a dynamic new storyteller.

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