Mondo Bohemiano By Quentin J. Parker


Nigel Q. Bunnytail is moving to Spokane, and the event has precipitated a national day of mourning at the cafe peopled by the characters he loves most: Kymber “K.C.” Cuccinatta, Bogdana “Bogey” Pahlanovich, Styles Parkwater — all will miss him terribly.

But it’s not just the quirky names and outrageous characters that will capture your heart in this excellent novel. It’s the author’s flawless and masterful command of the English language that you will remember most.

“Like a mercy killing, sleep claimed Nigel before despair did, and he dreamt that he was a monarch being showered with countless precious gems and coins.”

It’s not that Nigel’s friends don’t understand and fully commiserate with his decision to put distance between himself and a critically flawed relationship. Indeed, they wish him well in his new/old pursuit of white-haired therapist Sigrid Andersen.

But the task of severing the ties with Millicent O’Laughlin may yet prove to be his undoing.

“He was convinced that the pinnacle of human evolution was embodied in their bouncing off each other’s sweaty nakedness. They agreed that they were both built for comfort and speed, like plush luxury sedans propelled by advanced alien rocketry. But that was where their compatibility ended.”

The occasion of Nigel’s imminent departure spawns a Bacchalian party of epic proportions that brings in most of his female conquests from the past, and all of his off-the-beam friends — but no sign of the girl with the fiery red hair. Bunnytail is bummed.

At his new job in Spokane his work companions have names like Fiona Buxton and Tisha Fisha. But compared to his Philadelphia cast of comrades they are as tame as — well, the hutch of fluffy bunnies that Sigrid keeps as pets in her apartment. She’s glad to see him — too glad by half.

What’s in store for the big bohemian? You’ll just need to read this erudite excursion into the thoughts and actions of a memorable cast of characters.

Five stars for first-time author Quentin J. Parker. I hope to see more soon!

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